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内容摘要印媒: 北阿坎德邦旅游部长汇报莫迪总理,原子辐射大概会污染恒河

when they returned a few months later, Kentucky-3 hours ago -Follow what an idiot? Ganga is being polluted because of human activities. 真是个呆子,三牛平台,原子辐射大概会污染恒河 分享到: 上一篇 中国和东盟水师进行首次演习 下一篇 印度俩"丈夫"为一女子高速路斗殴,仿佛只有据称丢失的钚才会污染恒河,呆子! No Reply1682 No Reply-PAR-6 hours ago -Follow Indians have ability to pollute sulphuric acid as well... 印度人甚至也有污染硫酸的才干 Feku Samrat Modi16230 Feku Samrat-Bengaluru-1 hour ago -Follow FekuMaharaj...... Maharaj牛皮大王 Jose555 Jose-2 hours ago -Follow after four years of cleaning gangs and spending 10000 crorerupees and even setting up a ministry for the same,因为他们政党 Garikimokkala2005 Garikimokkala-5 hours ago -Follow as if tons of garbage and plastic dumped into river due to foolish and stupid RELIGIOUS rituals not polluting the river and only the allegedly lost plutonium is polluting. there can never be a shortage of idiots in INDIA until RELIGION ceases to exist.