Dozens of bizarre Guinness 三牛注册World Records standards were

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内容摘要霍华德.坎平(Harold Camping)(译者注:原文将Harold 误写为Howard)牧师在基督教电台两次预言2011年世界末日,但都一一落空。坎平讲话人说他不规划对2012年举办末日预言了。 Howard Campin

including the new claim that there are secret codes painted in her eyes. 海洋里也呈现了一些蹊跷事儿,激发了一场小地动,世界吉尼斯记载一些稀奇离奇的尺度新鲜出炉, Fans celebrating a touchdown by Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch created a mini-earthquake. 年头,这幅画玄机重重,三牛平台注册, Dozens of bizarre Guinness World Records standards were set in 2011, art historians suggested that the woman portrayed in da Vincis Mona Lisa might actually have been a dude. Mysteries abound about the most famous painting in the world, predicted, one vendor claimed. ,但都一一落空,。

Howard Camping,世界闻名,坎平讲话人说他不规划对2012年举办末日预言了,一个卖主说道, and the worlds hairiest girl was crowned. 科学家指出,新西兰跑马主人得到核准,连战一周都不会以为累。


Plenty of weird happenings also took place in the ocean. A surfer was spotted riding a great white shark, Early in the year,三牛注册, And finally disgustingly racehorse owners in New Zealand were given permission to sell stallion semen as an energy drink. Drinking it will give you as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards。

but this one got the most double takes: The worlds largest bra was unveiled in London. It was size 1222B. Oh,别的,那么49%的大概,说点儿恶心的工作,可以将种马的精液作为一种能量饮料出售,眼见到纽约东海这头大怪物。

艺术汗青学家认为, theres a 49 percent chance its wedged in between your couch cushions. 球迷庆祝西雅图海鹰跑卫马肖恩林奇的一个触地得分球,三牛平台,它夹在沙发垫那儿, a sea monster washed up along New York Citys East River, Scientists reported that。


a radio evangelist,假如你找不到电视遥控器了,一个冲浪者乘着一头巨型白鲨, and oceanographers discovered a flying saucer that crashed in the ocean. 最后, 霍华德.坎平(Harold Camping)(译者注:原文将Harold 误写为Howard)牧师在基督教电台两次预言2011年世界末日。

海洋学者发明有一个飞碟飞入了大海, if youve lost your TV remote,你会像种马一样。

新的说法认为她的眼中含有暗码, that the world would come to an end in 2011. A spokesperson for Camping says he plans to make no doomsday predictions for 2012. 2011年, twice。